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Elite Fitness and Boxing Studio

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Welcome to our web site!

On this page, we'll introduce our business and highlight important areas on our site. Our aim is to take all the guesswork out of your fitness and sporting goals. We look foward to giving you the tools to get into your best possible shape while improving your performance in the sporting arena and everyday life.   

Elite Fitness and Boxing Studio is a one-on-one gym, designed specifically to provide personal attention and a private training experience to help you achieve your training and fitness objectives. With a wide range of specialised equipment and qualified instruction our studio will help anyone to look and feel great while improving their performance in the sporting arena and in daily life. Train specifically for boxing or martial arts skills, become aerobically fit, gain muscle and strength, or incorporate all these options into one session for total fitness. Afterward, have our trained massage therapist improve your circulation and reduce stress-levels. For the total-body training experience, visit Elite Fitness and Boxing Studio.  




Professional, qualified, instruction.

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To reach your goals, you need the right tools
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