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Elite Fitness and Boxing Studio

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On this page you will find information on all the services we offer.

Individually tailored weight-training programs for strength and power
Get big, strong and powerful with our large array of free-weights and resistance-training machines. Enhance your strength for sport, or build muscle for that sought after muscular physique, with the best trainers and advanced equipment. Resistance-training equipment includes: bench press, lat-pulldown/pec-dec machine, chin-up/dipping/abb stand, squat rack and leg-curl machine. Free-weights include dumbells and barbells (a large variety of weights and bars of different sizes). 
Get strong today



Improve health and well-being: get fit.
In addition to specific strength, bodybuilding and boxing/martial arts programs, we offer a wide range of general fitness programs for complete physical improvement. Combine aerobic exercise (cross-trainer, cycle, running, walking) with weights for a total body training experience. We believe that health and well-being are as important as athletic performance and encourage a variety of exercise options for total development. For example, combine boxing with weights and Swiss-ball training for balance, speed, power and strength development. The possibilities are endless. 
Attain total development


Boxing and martial arts instruction

Develop boxing and/or martial arts skills specifically to excell in these areas or to add a new dimension to your general fitness program. Boxing and martial arts training is enjoyable and will instil discipline and increase focus in anyone.Contact us to discuss your options. Boxing/martial arts equipment includes: boxing ring, a variety of pads and boxing bags, spring-ball, speed-ball, slam-man and gloves. We can design a program to suit your needs.   


Become fighting fit!

Elitefit. For all your fitness requirements.