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See below for the latest news. What is hot in the fitness world.

Be sure to check out profressional bodybuilder Guy Grundy's new DVD series. The first of these DVD's is out now and profiles four up and coming bodybuilding superstars. It includes training footage, posing and interviews with each of these champions. Guy is setting a new standard in DVD production excellence as he follows each bodybuilder during their workout and questions them on aspects of their training, giving the viewer a unique insight into why these guys do what they do. I highly recommend this DVD series.


Go here to learn more about Guy and his DVD series.

Wong Hong is an up and coming pro superstar who will make his mark on the pro stage in years to come. Wong is also one of the best personal trainers around, someone who has trained thousands of people and developed a reputation as someone who gets the best results for his client's. 


click here to learn more about Wong

Don't forget, Shawn Ray's All Star Seminar:
On Sunday, Oct 16 th, 2005, at Gold’s Gym East (Flamingo & Sandhill) Las Vegas, Nevada, Shawn Ray will once again host his popular all star seminar. Featured athletes will include, Johnnie Jackson, Chris Dim, Melvin Anthony, Bob Cicherillo, Garrett Downing and Iris Kyle. this not to be missed event will also include photo opportunities, a picture signing session, a question and answer seminar, and posing display's. A lucky participant could also win a trip to the Pro Ironman in
Pasadena, Ca. as a personal guest of shawn Ray. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity. Visit for more details. 

Be sure to visit legendary bodybuilder of the 40s and 50s Dan Lurie's website at
Dan is a credit to the sport of bodybuilding and one of its true icons. Below: a program for one of Dans earlier contests. 


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Elite Physique, Training Studio