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Introducing David Robson, your personal trainer.


As an active martial artist and bodybuilder, and accredited personal trainer, David employs the latest cutting edge research to enhance his own training progress, and that of the many clients he works with. Achieving results, for both himself and others, in the areas of sports performance, fat-loss, bodybuilding, and fitness, has formed a major part of David’s life for over 10 years. As owner of Elite Physique Fitness Studio, from which he provides martial arts, boxing and general fitness instruction, it is David’s intention to help people from all walks of life to achieve their personal goals. David holds qualifications in personal training from Network, degrees in Sport and Leisure and Psychology from the University of Waikato, and a Waikato Polytechnic National Diploma in Journalism.

David’s skill for writing has enabled him to convey to a wider audience many of the lessons he has learned over the years, and to put the latest research regarding health, fitness and sports, into article format, to assist people with their personal goals. Publications David writes for include,, and, and the topics he writes on cover the full spectrum of health, fitness and sports. David has also spoken extensively to some of the greatest sporting and fitness minds in the world, gaining valuable knowledge to better enhance his client’s training results. Athletes David has worked with include boxers Ishe Smith and Wayne McCullough, and bodybuilders Shawn Ray and Ronnie Coleman.

David currently lives in Hamilton, New Zealand, with his wife Natalie and children Curtis, 8, and Grace, 9-months.


David's credentials
-Bachelors Degree in Leisure Studies.
-Graduate Diploma in Social Sciences (Psychology).
-Fitness Leader certification (Network).
-Golden Key International Honour Society inductee.
-National Diploma in Journalism (Hamilton Polytechnic).
-Extensive experience as a personal trainer.
-Rugby player (1990-1993).
-Bodybuilding competitor (12-competitions).
-World Bodybuilding Championships 1997 (2nd).
-New Zealand Tae Kwon Do Championships 1998 (2nd).
-Oceania Tae Kwon Do Championships 1998 (3rd).
-Registered New Zealand boxer 2003.
-Over 140 published health and fitness related articles. featured writer. writer. Deputy Managing Editor.


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Elite Physique, Training Studio